New Favorite Gear!

Ladies and Gentleman, something that I can’t get enough of nowadays…. The County Comm GP-5/SSB reciever. I use mine all the time when walking the General. Outstanding HF/SSB/FM/AM reception. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed if you acquire one of these gems. I own this radio and love it. Cheers! KM4EHL 73!

Lets go to a real review and see what this outstanding little monster can do!

If you’re looking for an emergency communications receiver–something to stash in your vehicle, emergency kit or bug-out bag–the CountyComm GP5/SSB is a great choice and value. Indeed, that’s who the GP5/SSB was designed for; that’s why this rig has excellent frequency coverage in all modes, with good sensitivity/selectivity and designed for portable, one-hand operation. In fact, CountyComm has even designed and manufactured (in the USA!) a robust, protective 1000-Denier case for the GP5/SSB. This case makes it very easy to strap the GP5/SSB to your belt or backpack securely.”


This Saturday, May 12th Miami-Dade and Coral Gables are having a Simplex drill. With us being the north end club I want us to represent. So if you have the equipment time and power to peg their meters come out and do so! It will be worked on 146.420 around 10am until 12pm. I’ll be doing my best to be one of the ones who will be in there for the NDARC. Hope I’ll hear you as well. 73s